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Make and model: Mercedes-Benz Vito 
Initial reg.: 01/2015
Varvus: white 
Mileage: 71781 km 

service book

Without VAT: 19 387 USD
VAT: 3 877 USD
Price total: 23 264 USD
Type: commercial vehicle 
Number of doors: 4
Seats: 2
Engine: 1.6 (84 kW)
Cross weight: 1904 kg
Max. authorised mass: 2800 kg
Load carring capacity: 896 kg
Height: 5140 mm
Height: 1917 mm
Drive shaft: rear-wheel drive
Transmission: manual
Fuel: diesel
Optional equipment: power steering, central locking (with remote control), ABS brakes, 2 airbag, immobilizer, anti-theft alarm system, third brake light, stability control, braking force regulator, special light switch-dim-dip-light, winter tires (spike tires), steering wheel adjustment, car stereo (CD, original), speakers, hands free, mats (interior rubber mats), textile upholstery, electrically adjustable mirrors, 2 power windows, cruise control, tow hitch, täismõõdus varuratas;niiskuskindlast vineerist kaubaruumipõrand;rehvirõhuandurid
Other: Registered in Estonia
Bought from: Estonia
ARK vormistamine hinna sees., leasing possible
Location: Estonia, Pärnu
Contact: Silberauto Pärnu esindus
Riia mnt. 231a, Pärnu 80042
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  Lease graphs example
 Operating lease
 Sum (USD) 23 264 
 25% down pmt 5 816 
 Period 48 months 
 Interest 8.5% 
 20% residual value 4 653 
 Contract fee 349 
 Monthly payment 348 
 Capital rent
 Sum (USD) 23 264 
 25% down pmt 5 816 
 Period 48 months 
 Interest 8.5% 
 Contract fee 233 
 Monthly payment 430 
 Down pmt
 Residual value